Apostrophe -- Incorrect Use

The Apostrophe does not create possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his, its, hers, ours, theirs).
wrong: his' book -- correct: his book
wrong: a friend of yours' -- correct: a friend of yours
wrong: She waited for three hours' to get her ticket -- correct: She waited for three hours to get her ticket

Right or wrong ? -- The Apostrophes uses ar'ent always clear-cut.
Wrong! In the above example sentence the words (are not) should be joined together (contracted) into (aren't), as the letter o in not is dropped and replaced by an apostrophe which "glues" are and not together.

Things to watch out for...

1. am does not contract with not ( amn't is wrong!)
2. Do not confuse the following contractions with similar words:
  • it's (contraction for it is, it has) with its (possessive determiner/pronoun, meaning belonging to it).
  • they're (contraction for they are) with their (possessive determiner) and there (place).
  • who's (contraction for who is) with whose (question word about possession).
  • you're (contraction for you are) with your (possessive determiner).
  • It's a great piece of writing. Its style is very clear.
  • Who's the writer whose books are now best sellers.

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