Apostrophe -- Plurals

Even though the apostrophe is not used to make plural nouns in English, it is still used to pluralize the following elements:

1. Plural of letters meant as letters, both in upper case and in lower case.
Mississippi has lots of S's in it. (option: underline the letter)
Mississippi has lots of s's in it.

2. Plural of numbers to avoid ambiguity.
The binary system uses 0's and 1's. (otherwise could look like Os and Is).

3. In the following cases, do not use an apostrophe, unless you believe the reader may not find your writing clear:
Plurals of letters meant as words
The students got all Cs in their writing assignments.
(C is here a word for grade level)
Plurals of words meant as words
No ifs or buts ! (no apostrophes)
The do's and the don'ts of apostrophe usage. (without apostrophes may seem unclear)
Plural of numbers
This airliner only uses 747s.
Plural of years
Berlin had a lively atmosphere during the 1920s.
Plurals of symbols
What do all these @s mean ?

[source: www.whitesmoke.com / viewed 30-Mar-09]

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